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Frequently Asked Questions

1What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work?
Web hosting is essentially the space a customer buys on a web server to store their website’s files. Once your service provider has hosted your website, anyone can access it using your domain name or web address in their browser. Once they type it in, their computer is directed to the server that’s hosting your website, and the page loads.
2How Do I Know What Kind Of Hosting I Need?
This depends on what you need hosting for. On an average, for a page size of around 50KB that gets around 20,000 visitors each month, you will need around 5GB of bandwidth every single month and so on.
3Is It Possible To Transfer An Existing Website To Your Hosting?
Yes. You can upload any existing website files through the cPanel or with the help of an FTP client. To transfer your website files to a new hosting service, connect to your current hosting account and download the files to your computer. Once you have a copy of your website, you can upload them the hosting account you’ve purchased with us.
4Is It Possible To Host More Than One Domain Names On Your Server?
Absolutely. Our starter package starts with 10 hosted domains and the limit goes up to 60 in our enterprise plan.
5What Will Be The Next Step After Purchasing A Hosting Package?
Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a welcome email from our company with your login credentials.
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