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Google Apps

Google’s G-Suite is the single most widely used corporate cloud computing tool in existence today, with 2 billion users across the world. It’s used in all sorts of settings, including educational institutions and corporations working in multiple sectors, at all scales of operations. If your organization is using G-Suite, it’s quite likely that all of your internal processes are powered by Google and it is essential that you keep your systems up and running at all times.

Instead of relying on in-house servers or the Google cloud, using a dedicated server to host your G-Suite applications can bring a lot of advantages that are not available to other organizations.

Having a dedicated team of systems engineers and state-of-the-art data centers available at your disposal can help significantly enhance the potential offered by Google Apps for your businesses.

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD, offers Google Apps hosting services at our data centers and some of the most advanced networks throughout the entire world.

We are a premium network hosting service provider with clients across the world and some of the best technical teams across the industry.

The Need for Third-Party Google App Solutions

Working directly with Google for your Google-App subscription can be costly. Considering the increasing reliance on cloud computing and the contributions the software makes to any organization—the contemporary commercial sphere is too competitive for you to not sign up for these services. At RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. we offer you an affordable solution to exploit the potential offered by Google App.

Some of the more popular Google products that our clients sign up for include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning—Automated machine learning, REST and RPC APIs, Speech-to-Text.
  • API Management—Apigee API management solution for easier API management on your websites and applications.
  • Cloud Computing—Cloud GPU computing, Preemptible VMs, Shielded VMs and Sole-tenant nodes.
  • Data Analytics—BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc.

The Benefits of Working with RACKCLOUDSPACE

Working with RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD as your Google Apps services provider gives you access to years of technical expertise and some of the best support services with high ROIs. We extend subscriptions on credit to facilitate access to Google Apps and G-Suite and will even integrate your apps within your systems to ensure smooth transition from your existing software to those offered by Google.

All our data centers are Tier Certified and our technical teams are on ground 24/7 to sustain network integrity.

Some advantages of working with RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD include:

  • Local peering to ensure the highest bandwidth on your networks
  • Stringent network security protocols that offer protection from all forms of DDoS attacks.
  • Fire and intrusion protection systems in place
  • 24-hour technical support
  • 100Gbit network with Anycast support
  • Automatic activation for all products around the world
  • Service Level Agreements on all of our products
  • 100% hardware and software redundancy, to ensure 99.99% uptime for your networks

Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to hire us to host your Google Applications to fully enjoy the potential offered by G-Suite.

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