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Dedicated Exchange Servers

An organization with just 1000 employees will send out 40,000 business emails in a day—this includes correspondences with clients, vendors and internal communication chains. The corresponding data loads are quite high and require the use of immense computing power to sustain the chains of communication.

You, as an exchange server service provider, will need access to servers that can bear the loads from the email exchanges taking place across your entire customer portfolio. If you’re dealing with commercial clients operating at larger scales, you need a hosting service that can provide you the flexibility to expand your service capabilities.

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. offers dedicated exchange server services to clients working as vendors for the various exchange server platforms available to corporations. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and working with some of the brightest minds in network management, we offer a premium hosting service that outstrips many of our competitors across the world.


The implementation of cloud technology in the commercial environment has opened up a new horizon of efficiency improvements for businesses around the world. Email exchange servers have simplified and streamlined communication streams within organizations and between business stakeholders to make the commercial sphere far more efficient than it was in the past.

These gains have come at the cost of an increasing frequency of cybercrime, financial burdens and the risk of downtime that can bring down entire organizational workflows. Much of the risk is taken on by service providers who offer email exchange platforms that are responsible for these efficiency gains.

At RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. we recognize that we’re at the foundation of the entire value-chain which makes email exchange servers the catalyst for organizational efficiency. With this recognition, we offer some of the best dedicated exchange hosting services that ensure consistently high-quality performance.


We are specialist web-hosting service providers serving clients across the world keeping their network infrastructure up and running without fail. In our time as service providers, we’ve served over 100,000 clients and set up a massive network of servers that comprises of 3,000,000 individual units housed in facilities on three different continents.

When you sign up with RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. you get access to the following advantages:

  • Extensive network security including full protection from all variations of DDoS attacks, advanced fire and intrusion protection.
  • Instant automatic activation for all your products.
  • 100Gbit Tier-4 data centers with Anycast support
  • 24/7 technical support staff to troubleshoot end-user and in-house equipment malfunctions.
  • Full hardware and network redundancy to ensure 99.99% uptime rates
  • 9-locations housing Tier-4 datacenters for all your computing needs


When you sign up for dedicated hosting for your exchange servers, you get access to world-class technical support that ensures your commercial success. We are a team of 50 systems engineers, having worked with leading tech companies throughout the world offering a solution that few can match.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to hire us as your dedicated exchange server hosting services.

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