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Platform As A Service (PaaS)

PaaS, or Platform as a Service is a cloud computing model that uses third party hardware and software and makes them available for users to benefit from over the internet. In a PaaS model, the hardware or software is hosted on the provider’s own infrastructure, helping free the developers from installing heavy in-house software and hardware to build applications.

To make things easier for everyone, PaaS providers like us, also offer other resources like development tools, database management systems and libraries so that developers no longer have to worry about the infrastructure logistics.

Why You Need To Use PaaS

Given the evolving world of technology, things get more complex every day, making it necessary for organizations to hire specialized staff. This issue is countered by PaaS to a great deal with its diverse capabilities and support.

Another advantage is that using PaaS makes it easier to support and manage remote development teams, a task that can otherwise get a little complicated. Moreover, PaaS provides users with a high-performance and efficient integrated environment to support all stages of the application lifecycle including creation, quality testing, deployment and even management.

This is the ideal service for programmers and developers who write code to create complex new systems but don’t want the hassle of acquiring heavy and complicated hardware to run the code on. PaaS makes it easy for them to sync their code and easily run their applications using the service provider’s hardware. This also makes it easy for customers to focus on actual work and set aside any worries relating to maintenance and upgrading. This also opens up the path for further development prospects with a lot less distraction. PaaS allows makes it easy to migrate your files and set-up for the fact that it is based on a cloud and poses many scalability options.

What To Consider When Choosing A PaaS Provider

In case you’re opting for a PaaS service, there are few pointers to keep in mind in order to make an informed decision. When looking through services, make sure to review what features they are offering and comparing them with respect to your app requirements. Another thing to ensure is if the service is optimized for the framework you’re using and the language you’re working in. If it isn’t, you might be looking at runtime issues in the future which is best to avoid.

Another thing to consider is the number of users that you anticipate will be using your application. More users could mean high code complexity and that could translate to your application running slower. If this is the case, you will need to look for a reputed service provider who is well-reputed in this field to ensure excellent performance.

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