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Email Hosting

Efficient chains of communication are a fundamental requirement for a successful business. As an entity that comprises of different—often far off—components, email is the best way to coordinate activities to ensure successful strategy implementation. Since all business activities follow a sequence of operations fulfilled by each stakeholder, you need the coordination enabled by robust communication processes using an efficient email hosting provider to succeed as an organization.

As your scale of operations expands and you begin to exchange larger volumes of correspondences within and across organizations, you’ll need to scale up your email hosting service as well. With the increase in the number of correspondences, your servers will also have to process more data—which they might not be capable of in the long-run. Overburdened network infrastructure will hinder communicative efficacy across your entire company. The resulting downtimes and communication breakdowns can cause many problems in your workflows. The solution: recruit an affordable email hosting service provider for small businesses and large organizations alike.

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. offers a wide range of email hosting solutions through our state-of-the-art server and network infrastructure. We are widely recognized as one of the best email hosting and resellers of corporate cloud computing solutions across the entire world.

Services Offered at RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD.

RACKCLOUDSSPACE LTD. uses Tier Certified network infrastructure to power your organization’s communication streams. We’re currently working with 3,000,000 servers to provide email hosting solutions for organizations in the Middle East, US, UK and Canada. Our services include:

Dedicated Exchange Servers

If you have an internal email exchange in place, we can host your exchange on our networks ensure consistent operations and stringent security. Working with our dedicated exchange servers gives you access to our considerable computing power, protection from DDoS attacks, network firewalls and 99.95% uptime rates throughout the year.

Shared Email Servers

This is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated exchange serves, where you will share the computing space with other corporations choosing shared email servers. While not offering the same scalability or computing power as a dedicated server, shared email servers get the job done until such a time comes when your correspondence volumes require higher computing power.

Google Apps

We are also a reseller of Google Apps such as the G-Suite for your organization. Working with us is much cheaper compared to working directly with Google and we extend customer credit to facilitate access to the functionalities offered by Google Apps.


We also deal in Office365 subscriptions for corporate clients to provide easy access to the full capabilities offered by this cloud-software solution. In addition to subscriptions, we also manage all systems integration needs at the back-end to do away with the hassle of setting up your Office365 implementation.


RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD is a premium cloud hosting service provider serving clients across a wide range of industries. Our infrastructure is known throughout the industry as one of the most powerful systems in the world, with some of the most stringent security that you will find across different service providers.

Get in touch with us today to speak with our customer sales representatives about the services we have to offer. Alternatively, you can also go through our services pages to see how we can help you manage your email exchanges through our servers.

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