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Network as a Service (NaaS)

As a business owner, it is not always viable to set up inhouse servers owing to the capital requirements, which is why you should consider Network as a Service (NaaS) as an option. The costs of running a datacenter are immense, with equally as high initial capital requirements to keep your servers up and running. A simple CBA will show you that the returns from an in-house data center cannot justify such an investment and you would do well to hire third-party Network as a Service (NaaS) providers like us instead.

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. offers NaaS services to enhance your network infrastructure capabilities at a fraction of the cost. We’re a premium cloud hosting service provider working with some of the most advanced data centers in the world to ensure high-quality NaaS services for our clients around the world.

The Advantages of Working with RACKCLOUDSPACE

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. works with clients across a diverse range of industries and with varying data volume scales to deliver consistently high-performing NaaS solutions. We currently possess 3,000,000 servers on three different continents, ensuring that you get access to the highest bandwidths, secure connections and minimize the frequency of server downtime.

Localized Peering

High-speed networks have a major impact on organizational performance allowing for faster data transmission and increasing data processing efficiency. To ensure consistently high-speeds, our technicians monitor your network and use localized peering techniques to ensure low-latency and high bandwidth throughout your network. By consistently switching peer connections, we can ensure that you have access to high-speed internet all the time.

24/7 Technical Support

Even the smallest disruptions in your network connections can wreak havoc across your organization. Organizations that are highly reliant on cloud-hosted solutions are efficient but are also at high risk of workflow breakdowns because of frequent network downtimes. We mitigate the possibility of any network breakdowns through on-ground teams working around the clock to keep your networks up and running.

Automatic Deployment

We’ve automated most of our purchasing platforms to minimize the delays during the deployment process. Your products and networks are automatically deployed throughout the world the second we process your payment without the slightest delays. Even if you’re switching hosting service providers, we will expedite the migration process to reduce network downtime to have you up and running within short spans.

100% System Redundancy

All our data centers are fully redundant to offer uptime rates of as much as 99.99%. Our facilities are installed with backup generators with 48-hour autonomy and we have backups for software and hardware to prevent server crashes.

Stringent Security Measures

We make sure that your data and information is thoroughly protected from any external cyber attacks aimed at your networks. We offer extensive DDoS protection and our facilities are installed with the latest intrusion/fire protection measures to offer complete protection from any threats.

Invest in NaaS Services today!

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. Serves over 100,000 clients throughout the world, offering high-quality NaaS solutions using our massive network infrastructure. If you’re interested in our NaaS services, speak with us today to see what we have to offer or to hire us as your NaaS vendors in UK, US, Canada or the Middle East.

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