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Hybrid Cloud

Since cloud computing has pretty much revamped the networking landscape for businesses and online operations, companies have been looking for online hosting solutions that would be accessible, yet guarantee a sense of security and not be fully public when it comes to the infrastructure. The best solution to this situation has so far been the hybrid cloud technology.

Being the best option for businesses looking to leverage and maximize the operational benefits of both private and public cloud environments, hybrid clouds offer tremendous benefits including customizable control, high-speed performance, robust security, scalability and affordability.

The Benefits Of Going Hybrid

As an important business requirement, hybrid clouds offer IT decision makers options to customize control over the public and private components of the hybrid cloud. They also offer inhouse computational infrastructure which is able to support the workload while also keeping the ability to access public cloud in instances of failover. Combining the advantages of public and private clouds, the hybrid cloud can significantly enhance data processing efficiency in your organization.

RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. is a leading cloud computing solutions provider, working with over 100,000 clients across world. We offer customized solutions for all types of networking needs, backed by one of the most advanced network infrastructures in the world. All our data centers are Tier Certified and currently house 3,000,000 servers to ensure consistently high performance and minimize the risk of network disruptions under any circumstances.

With us powering your hybrid cloud, you can gain access to the full computing power offered by our network infrastructure to supplement your existing networks. With our collaborative efforts, you can improve organizational efficacy through swift data transfers, access to licensed software and consistent performance irrespective of your data loads.


RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. has been working for years in the industry delivering cost-effective cloud solutions to clients around the world. We serve clients in the UK, US, Canada and the Middle East through our nine data centers in three different continents. Some of the exclusive advantages offered by RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD. include:

  • Full hardware and software redundancy, ensuring 99.99% uptime rates.
  • 24/7 on-ground technical support to resolve all technical problems with your network.
  • Access to licensed commercial software solutions such as Google Apps and Office 365.
  • Complete protection from DDoS attacks.
  • Local peering to ensure high bandwidth.
  • Intrusion and fire protection protocols to prevent hardware damage
  • Cloud firewalls

With our technical expertise and experience working with clients from a diverse range of industries, we pre-empt your needs to present the optimal cloud solution for your organization. At RACKCLOUDSPACE LTD., our hybrid cloud also stands out for flexibility in server designs, allowing companies to allow rapid and archival storage at an affordable cost. A variety of new SSDs and hard drives, data storage is accessible and easily achieved without resorting to backup tapes.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our hybrid cloud services or to hire us as your cloud service vendors anywhere in the world.

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