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Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

IaaS, or infrastructure as a service, is also known as cloud infrastructure service, and is a type of cloud computing environment that allows users or customers to rent its infrastructure via the internet. When working with an IaaS, a customer is reliant on the service provider for the management of functions like virtualization, network, storage and servers to ensure smooth business operations. The customers themselves have to manage any running applications, operating systems, runtimes, middleware and data. This set-up frees the user from needing an in-house datacenter, allowing them to leave processes like updating and maintaining certain components of the system to the service provider.

Most often, customers have full control over the infrastructure with the help of an efficient purpose-built dashboard, or an application programming interface (API). As one of the most flexible service models among the three major as-a-service frameworks, IaaS allows users to easily upgrade, scale and even add different resources as the need arises instead of waiting for operations and processes to get more complex and pay upfront for the resulting costs.

The Three As-A-Service Frameworks (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS)—A Comparison

As-a-service frameworks and models usually mean that a service is managed for the customer, just, like the name suggests. This allows customers to focus their time and energy on tasks of higher importance and closer to their own expertise like coding and forming strong relationships with their customers.

Apart from IaaS, there are additionally two other as-a-service models, namely SaaS, and PaaS. SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a service that delivers applications that are managed by the service provider. The user takes care of the other, much easier issues like software updates and general maintenance after connecting to the application via a dedicated API. This service frees customers from needing to install heavy application locally on their computers, allowing people to easily collaborate from wherever they are.

When it comes to PaaS, the external service providers are responsible for providing and managing the hardware and an application-based software platform while the customers take care of the data and application. Used mainly by programmers and developers, PaaS provides users a high-performance platform to build and develop their application. This exempts them from worrying about external resources or having to create a specialized infrastructure to suit the processes, themselves from scratch.

What To Keep In Mind When Selecting An IaaS Provider?

If you’re looking for an IaaS provider, there are certain things and technicalities to keep in mind when selecting one. The right service will ensure a seamless development process.

The first thing to consider is flexibility. When opting for an IaaS service, it’s best to purchase the components that you need at the time and keep rescaling them as your requirements evolve. The second most important thing to consider is affordability. One of the best things about opting for an IaaS are zero maintenance costs and a relatively low overhead. Only pay for what you use and when you use it. Finally, seek for a provider that gives the customer complete control over their infrastructure.

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