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Reliable, Secure and
Globally Deployable

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Integrated DDoS Protection

All our network equipment is backed by DDoS protection gear that guarantees high quality, seamless and secure operations even in the event of attacks. In such cases, all services and products are protected by the company without any additional charges on your part, however, the protection capacity can differ to some extent depending on the service or product you’ve purchased.

Instant Worldwide Deployment

Experience the same great performance in ten locations around the world! Our dedicated primary 100 Gbit capacity is robust and works with a low latency network and expands up to 800 Gbit when needed.

Localized Peering Our routing is continuously optimized to ensure that high bandwidth low latency across all our data centers.

Service Level Agreement

Our SLA includes an Availability Guarantee, making sure there’s no downtime. Our Best Effort Basis agreement guarantees 99.99% uptime. We make sure that our customers receive well-deserved account credit should our service fall below our promised standard.

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